About Samoa

Samoa is an independent state located in the South Pacific Ocean that used to be known as Western Samoa.


With a population of around 185 000, many Samoans have migrated to other countries such as New Zealand & Australia. There are now more Samoans living outside of Samoa than within it.

Samoa has a low crime rate, and is considered a safe destination to visit.


Made up primarily of two islands, Upolu and Savai'i, this Polynesian country is situated south of the equator, midway between New Zealand and Hawaii, in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands are a result of volcanic activity- though none of the remaining volcanic structures on the islands are currently active.

Savai'i is geographically larger than Upolu and is the 6th largest island in all of Polynesia. Though smaller in geographic size, Upolu island has a larger population and holds Samoa's capital city of Apia on it.

Lita Sini Beach Resort is located on Lalomanu beach which is on the South Coast of Upolu island, a 1 hour drive from Apia, and a scenic 2 hour drive from Faleolo International Airport.

Climate & Weather

Samoa is famous for its tropical weather. Its dry season falls between May to October, and its rainy period between November and April. The average air temperature is approximately 29°C,  and the water temperature can be around 25-26°C.


In Samoa we use Western Samoa Tala (WST, WS$, SAT). Tala means dollar & Sene means cent. Tala can be easily exchanged at many banks and at the airport and all major foreign currencies are exchangeable in Samoa.

ANZ and Westpac are the two international banks found in Samoa - both of which are at the airport. Local banks include National Bank of Samoa and Samoa Commercial Bank both of which provide services, currency exchange and ATM's.

Credit cards are also widely accepted in stores and facilities across the country.  You can use credit cards in ATM machines but you are required to have a PIN number to withdraw cash. Westpac ATM's allow the use of American Express.


Traditional Samoan culture, also known as fa'a Samoa, remains strong in Samoa, with culture intertwined with day-to-day life. Community, people and family are important, and at Litia Sini we want to share this with all our guests who come to stay. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and at home.

Samoa is also a rather religious country- with many people practicing Christianity- and is thus modesty in the way people dress is important. In the local villages particularly, visitors are asked not to wear bathing suits may be asked to wear a traditional lavalava (sarong), dress, pants or shorts and t-shirt during the visit.

In fact nude and topless bathing for women is prohibited in Samoa.

During Church Services on Sunday, women are asked to wear a dress or blouse and skirt and men, trousers and shirt.

Our culture retains its traditional mythology, rituals and customs and Samoa is known for its spirituality. These aspects come through in Samoan music and art which remain popular, and customs such as traditional tattooing have been popularized in modern mainstream culture, all around the world.

At Litia Sini you can experience traditional Samoan song and dance performances including the Sasa, a clapping dance where performers slap various parts of their body in sync to create a lively rhythm.


Digicel and Bluesky are the two main telecommunications providers and they do offer extensive coverage and data packages for internet coverage. Prepaid SIM cards are available at Faleolo International Airport.


How to get to Samoa

Travel to Samoa is easy, with three airlines providing regular flights. Virgin SamoaAir New Zealand and Polynesian Airlines, operating from New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, Tonga, American Samoa and Fiji. 

Many cheap flights are available, which combined with our holiday packages make Samoa an affordable holiday destination!

How to get to Litia Sini Beach Resort

Lita Sini Beach Resort is located on Lalomanu beach which is on the South Coast of Upolu island, a 1 hour drive from Apia, and a scenic 2 hour drive from Faleolo International Airport.

We offer a transport service where we can pick you up personally from Faleolo International Airport and bring you to Litia’s beach in Lalomanu. You will enjoy a two hour ride without any hassle and arrive at Litia Sini Beach Resort safe and sound.

If you would like us to provide airport transfers, just tick in your reservation request that transport is required. We can also bring you to the airport when it comes time for you to leave Litia Sini Beach Resort.

Driving in Samoa

To drive in Samoa you do require a Samoan drivers' license, which requires the validation of a full overseas drivers' license and a small fee. The roads here are narrow and speeds are limited, so please drive responsibly. Oh and we drive on the left-hand-side of the road!

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