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Welcome to Litia Sini Beach Resort: Samoa Accommodation

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find all of the answers to all of the questions you may have about travelling to Samoa or about staying at Litia Sini Beach Resort.

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Accommodation & Amenities
Restaurant & Bar

If we have missed anything, or you still have more questions, then get in touch! We are happy to help you out.


What’s Samoa like?

One of the most distinctive things about Samoa is the weather. Samoa gets warm - and we mean really warm! Temperatures can be around 25-30°C.

Another thing about Samoa is that we are not a first world country. While Litia Sini has all the essential mod-cons, we are not a 5 star resort and don't have all the luxuries you might be used to. Our hope in building this resort was to create something different for you - a step-away, an escape, from a demanding, busy schedule to a place where you can catch your breath and take a simple moment for yourself.

What’s the climate in Samoa like?

Samoa has two distinct seasons; a dry & a rainy season that determines our peak & off-peak times. The average temperature in Samoa is around 29°C, and the water temperature ranges between 25-30°C.

Typical of tropical countries, the rain can fall at any time.  For the most part however, it’s warm and often very sunny. So don’t forget your sunscreen!

What sort of money and currency is used in Samoa?

We use Western Samoa Tala (WST, WS$, SAT) which can be easily exchanged at many banks and at the airport.

Credit cards are accepted in some stores and facilities across the country. And yes, you can pay for your stay with us by credit card. 

Read more about Samoan currency.

Is Samoa a safe place?

Yes, Samoa is very safe. Crime rates are low in Samoa and you’ll generally find people are welcoming, friendly and helpful. All our Falés are lockable so we advise that you keep your belongings safely locked away. And we recommend that you do take out Travel Insurance for your trip.

Note that Samoans can be a bit “shy” at first and not initially forthcoming. We are only too willing to help, but you do need to ask us!

Can I drive in Samoa?

To drive in Samoa you do require a Samoan license, which requires the validation of a full overseas drivers' license and a small fee. Many visitors do get a license and rental vehicle which gives them the freedom to travel around the island at your own pace. Oh and we drive on the left-hand-side of the road!

I don't want to drive. Can you pick us up?

Of course we can! We can pick you up from Faleolo International Airport in one of our air-conditioned vans, and guide you through the landscapes on the approximately 2-hour drive to Litia Sini Resort. Transfers to and from Airport, will incur an additional charge. Let us know if you need this service when you are making your reservation.

Once you have arrived we can also drive you to local attractions or stores-or you can join one of our Guided Day Tours to enjoy the best of the local scenery and activities hosted by a friendly and experienced tour guide & driver.

What should I bring?

Pack the typical summer vacation essentials - shorts, t-Shirts, dresses, sarongs, sandals, a pair of walking shoes, a rain jacket, sunhat, sunglasses, swimsuits and swim shorts, sunscreen, a good book or Kindle, and snorkeling gear if you have it. Please also bring any toiletries you require, as these are not provided.

Are there any rules about attire or how I dress?

Samoa is very traditional and still a very religious country. Within the resort we are quite relaxed; but nude and topless (women) swimming or sunbathing is prohibited in Samoa.

Please respect our culture and be mindful especially if you visit any of the local villages. Visitors are asked not to wear bathing suits when entering a village and you may be asked to wear a traditional lavalava (sarong), dress, pants or shorts and t-shirt during the visit.

If attending a Samoan Church Service on Sunday, women are asked to wear a dress or blouse and skirt and men trousers and shirt.

What about sunscreen, do we need that?

Sunscreen is essential! We do have a number of shade sails on the beach to keep you protected. But during your stay here you are guaranteed to bathe on the beach, take a beach stroll or be active outdoors - all under golden sun rays. Protect your skin!

If you do forget to pack a bottle, sunscreen and after-sun lotions are also available for sale at the bar.

Will my cell phone work there?

Digicel and Bluesky are the two main telecommunications providers and they do offer extensive coverage. Prepaid SIM cards are available at Faleolo International Airport. If you don't want to bring your phone, Lydia and the reception team will be more than happy to receive phone messages or email for you, if family or friends need to get in contact with you.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

Please inform us in writing as soon as possible if you have to cancel your trip. We do accept cancellations for bookings more than 30 days before you arrive and refund your payment.

  • Any cancellations within 30 days of arrival and no less than 7 days, will incur costs for two nights stay.
  • All cancellations within 7 days of arrival will incur full costs with no refund. (no shows or unused days due to early check out)

We understand that plans change and we try to be as accommodating as possible. But please understand that we are a destination with many people booking months in advance, so it’s very hard for us to rebook cancelled reservations at short notice.

Accommodation & Amenities

Tell me again, what's the difference between the Ocean-View and Garden Beach Falés?

Litia Sini has two rows of 8 Falés. The 8 Falés in the front row sit above the beach and have a full, open view of the shoreline and ocean. In a Beachfront Ocean-View Falé you can see the sun rise and set above the sea right from the comfort of your terrace.

The Garden Beach Falés are spaced between the Beachfront Falés - so you can in fact view the ocean from them. But as they are situated behind the Beachfront Falés you won't be as close to the beach.

Download our floorplan to see where the Falés and other facilities are positioned.

Being on the beach, is it noisy?

The reef is several hundred meters offshore and in rough conditions you certainly can hear the roar of the ocean. The noise levels will differ between the Beachfront and Garden Beach Falés - clearly the closer you stay to the sea, the closer you are to the noise.

Some people find the ocean sounds calming, but we know that it won't suit everyone.

If you are a light sleeper, or don’t like the ocean noise, the Garden-Beach Falés are a quieter more peaceful option.

I’ve heard some Falés are basically just wooden ”huts” with a mattress on the floor?

It is true that traditional Falés in Samoa are not enclosed. Our Falés, which were rebuilt in 2010 in a semi-Western style, all have front-decks, cool interior tile floors, are fully enclosed, are lockable, have comfortable beds and a bedside table, ceiling-fan, as well as linen and towels & mosquito nets.

Do the Falés have electricity?

Yes, all Falés have lights and an electrical outlet for charging your devices.  We do also have some multi-boards for guests that need to charge multiple devices daily.

Note that power is 240V and we have Type I sockets - the same type as Australia and New Zealand. If your appliances use a socket that is different to this, you will need to purchase an adapter.

Do your Falés have air conditioning?

As we are not a luxury resort, we don't have certain things like air-conditioning, as electricity is expensive in Samoa.

Our Falés all have ceiling fans installed as well as plenty of ventilation. Being on the South West coast there is also often a sea breeze to help keep you cooler.  

We encourage you to get cool by taking a dip in the ocean or enjoy a cold beverage. It’s tough in paradise!

Are there fridges in the Falés?

No, but we do have several fridges for hire that you can request when making a reservation.

Also The Bar is open from 7:30am to 10pm, for cold drinks and ice, and some staff have been known to deliver cold drinks to guests lazing in the ocean!

What about mosquitoes? Are they a problem at the Resort?

All our Falés have mosquito nets provided, but as we are on the coast you will find less of them here. We recommend wearing insect repellent, however most guests find that insects are not a problem.

Does the Resort have Wi-fi?

Yes. But really, do you need it? You’re on holiday! Enjoy a break from your e-mails!

Mobile internet is available from both carriers in Samoa; Digicel and Bluesky offer data packages for you to purchase.


Do the falés have their own bathroom and toilet?

Falés traditionally are for sleeping and typically do not have toilet or shower facilities built-into them. 

Litia Sini Resort has a separate building with shared facilities for all guests including western style showers and toilets. The are located just a short walk away from each falé.

Shared bathrooms? Are they cleaned often?

Yes! The bathrooms are serviced several times a day from 7.30am til 6.30pm by our wonderful staff.

So, still on bathrooms, do they run hot water?

Good question, no! Temperatures in Samoa often reach 30°C, so most people appreciate cold water showers!

Download our floorplan to see where the bathrooms and Falés are positioned.

The Restaurant & Bar

What are the restaurant opening times again?

The Restaurant generally is buffet style, with meals between certain hours:

  • Breakfast 8.30am - 9.30am
  • Lunch 11.30am - 4pm
  • Dinner 6:30pm - 7:30pm

You mentioned breakfast and dinner being included with reservations, but what about lunch?

Yes, we do serve lunch, but it is an additional option with a lunch menu available at the Restaurant. Lunch options include hamburgers and chips, sandwiches, and often fresh fish to name a few.

We don’t include lunch within our reservations as many people head out sightseeing for the day.

What hours is the bar open?

The bar is open the same hours as the Resort - it opens at 7:30am till 10pm - and while there isn’t always someone behind it, don’t be shy, ring the bell and someone will be happy to help you.

Guests have the option of paying for any drinks at the bar, or charging it back to their room - just let us know your room number.

Should I only be drinking bottled water?

For guests we do recommend drinking bottled water while here. It is available for purchase from the Bar.

What else is available in the bar?

We stock pretty much a full bar, local and imported beer (Vailima), a selection of Australian and New Zealand red and white wines, spirits, non-alcoholic drinks such as Coke, and of course, cocktails!

You also may help yourself to coffee and tea, available all day at no charge from near the kitchen.


Wait, what? You mentioned that you are not a 5 star resort? 

Prior to rebuilding our fales in 2010 we used to offer quite traditional fales, essentially entry level accommodation. But we found that many guests sought a slightly more comfortable experience. So we made a decision to rebuild in our interpretation of a modern fale, with a fan, electricity, and a real bed! But, we also decided not to go truly upmarket, as we wanted to preserve where possible a more “Samoan experience”. The resort now offers a more comfortable experience than many more traditional fales, but at around $100 per person including breakfast and dinner, it’s still truly affordable. Especially considering you’re in your own tropical paradise.

Seriously, you have your own boat?

Yes, two in fact!  The boats catch a variety of fish, including tuna, snapper and many other local species.  A real highlight is watching the boat come in and seeing the catch offloaded. Our own boat means we get the best, and freshest fish for our restaurant. 

Chat to the boys and they might let you hold up one of their prizes for a photo.

We see you have a 3 night minimum stay? Why?

Yes we do, and while it’s relatively new, we’ve always encouraged guests to stay as long as possible for several reasons. The first is that we are a fair drive from Apia and the airport. It’s very scenic and enjoyable, but we’ve found some people have driven down late one afternoon, then left early the next morning, and not had time to experience the magic of our location or get to know our staff. We’ve found also that many guests arrived and wished they’d stay longer, so we’re encouraging that! Most guests stay 5 – 7 days or longer and get the best and most enjoyable experience. But yes, we can be flexible if you simply can only stay 1 or two nights, and we have availability.

And finally … You’ve got a great TripAdvisor rating, but there’s a couple of negative ones. Why?

Lots of reasons probably. But the main one we think is expectations. Samoa is not a first world country, and many things due to geography and culture are more challenging (or expensive) here than in some of our guests home countries. But that makes us as a destination more different and interesting we think! We encourage guests to stay longer, engage with us, learn about our culture, and enjoy our spectacular environment. And we try to do this affordably. We think that at around $200 NZ a night for a beachfront fale, including buffet breakfast and dinner for 2 people, in a relatively remote and absolutely beautiful location, we represent really good value. We hope you do too and we’d love to see you here! Go on, do it, book your escape from reality!